Chocolate Brownie

With this revolutionary new gel, there is no need for strong, alcoholic prep wipes, no strong smelling base coat and finally, no eye-watering top coat. Well Gel offers you all of the benefits of traditional gel systems with none of the harmful chemicals and side effects such as sore, irritated cuticles, burning sensations during the cure and sore itchy fingers. Well Gel is a safe, non-toxic, natural product that is beautifully shiny, extra long-lasting and great for your nails too! completely safe for use whilst pregnant and no strong chemical smell during application. Lightly buff your natural nail, apply the colour, 30-60 second cure under UV lamp, apply a second coat, cure and GO! thats it! For extra lustre you can add our genius non-toxic diamond top coat. Try something different, something better, Be Well Gel..x

Chocolate Brownie

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8,25£Sale Price
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    • Ensure nails are clean and free of nail polish
    • Lightly buff your natural nail
    • Apply the colour
    • Cure for 30-60 second cure under UV lamp
    • Apply a second coat
    • Cure for 30-60 seconds
    • Enjoy your beautiful nails or for an extra long lasting effect, add our Diamond Top Coat

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